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South Coast Clambake Jazz Festival

THE DIVERSE SOUNDS of America’s early music styles are celebrated at the South Coast Clambake Music Festival, held March 13–15, 2020. The Festival promotes and perpetuates some of America’s most beloved original music, such as Dixieland, blues, zydeco, big band, swing, bluegrass, doo-wop, and ’50s rock with a full slate […]

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Celtic Concerts

The Lincoln City Cultural Center’s (LCCC) Celtic Concert series—a time-honored annual event that brings Irish, Scottish, American, and fusion music and dance from around the Celtic-verse to the north coast —continues into the new year with an exciting lineup musical performers. Next up in the series are Celtic harps, rare […]


Cook Like a Pro

Want to learn how to cook world-class cuisine? Restaurant O’s highly acclaimed chef, Eoghain O’Neill, will be offering a cooking class on February 29 featuring techniques for slow-roasted duck with wild mushrooms. Those who take the class will learn how to cook duck to perfection, then get to enjoy the […]