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Sneaker Wave

Luckily, the writer of this harrowing story survived to tell the tale. Please, dear readers, be careful, and NEVER turn your back on the ocean. Story by William York I was vacationing on the Oregon Coast with my wife, my wife’s brother Roy, and Roy’s wife. This was an annual […]

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The Curiously Short Story of the North Bend/Coos Bay Athletics

In the early 1970s, minor league baseball had an interesting run on the Oregon Coast, but even a brash owner, good players, and free loot couldn’t bring the fans. Story by Erick Mertz Photos courtesy Coos History Museum The history of baseball along the Oregon Coast is rich with notable […]

Courtesy U.S. Navy/ Wikimedia
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The Sub Chase of 1943: Setting the Record Straight

The Oregon Coast Project has found new evidence that there are sunken subs off Oregon’s shore. Story by Cheryl D. Wanner On May 19, 1943, a soundman aboard Navy patrol vessel PC-815 picked up the unmistakable ping of an enemy sub inside the shipping lanes north of Cape Meares on […]