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Discovering Surf Stoke

STORY AND PHOTOS BY JOE ROGERS A drive along Highway 101 delivers welcoming surf breaks for first-timers during an Oregon road trip. I shift my weight to turn toward the beach, stopping only when the oncoming wave is behind me. My breath slows. I lock my eyes forward and begin […]


Sneaker Wave

STORY BY WILLIAM YORK Luckily, the writer of this harrowing story survived to tell the tale. Please, dear readers, be careful, and NEVER turn your back on the ocean. I was vacationing on the Oregon Coast with my wife, my wife’s brother Roy, and Roy’s wife. This was an annual […]

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Lost on Lawson Creek

  Story by GAIL OBERST With the help of a recording from the 1960s, Gail Oberst recalls her family’s harrowing adventure in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. ADVENTURE CALLS If I had to rely on my childhood memories, I could tell you very little about being lost at the northern edge of […]