Theater in the Park

Cannon Beach will be filled with Shakespearean sonnets and mysterious plots as the Coaster Theatre Playhouse performs outdoors July 9 through September 4. Cannon Beach’s Coaster Theatre will present two plays this summer, both performed at the City Park. No admission will be charged, but donations are welcome. On Fridays, […]

Outdoor, Science/Marine Life

Purple Sea Urchins

The good, the bad, and the ugly about purple sea urchins. STORY & PHOTOS BY JOANNE CARROLL-HUEMOELLER Would the term consequential describe a day in the life of a simple purple sea urchin? Probably not. This prickly invertebrate is nothing more than a round test (hard shell) covered with spines, […]


The Long Haul

STORY BY JENNIFER GERVAIS Gray whales travel twice a year between their summer feeding grounds in Alaska and the warm lagoons of the Baja Peninsula, passing close to the Oregon coast along the way. They pass in large numbers during the darkest days of December, prompting crowds to brave the […]