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Whaling Behavior

New Insights into Gray Whale Behavior Scientists are discovering that gray whales do a lot of crazy things they didn’t know about, including performing headstands, swimming upside down, and playing their own version of “tag” between feeding episodes. They even apparently engage in some bawdy behavior now and then. These […]

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Where Fresh Meets Saltwater: Tidal Marshes

STORY BY GAIL OBERST FOR THE FULL PRINT EDITORIAL VERSION OF THE STORY CLICK HERE I AM SITTING in Coos Bay’s Sunset Memorial Park, between my mother’s and my father’s graves, because this is where my story about sloughs, tidal wetlands, and salt marshes begins. From this vantage point above […]

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Undersea Riches

Story by Emily Kolkemo A wonderland of flora and fauna lies beneath the waves of the coast’s five marine reserves—making them treasure troves for conservation and scientific research. I ease myself down a steep cliff dotted with purple lupine and stumble across a cobble beach to the eastern edge of […]