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Yachats Agate Festival

Jan19 - 202019

This year the Annual Yachats Agate Festival will feature spectacular agates, plus minerals, gems, crystals and fossils on display at the Yachats Commons.

At Yachats Commons


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Pretty Rocks, Yummy Honey

Agates by Emily KolkemoJANUARY 19 & 20

10 am to 4 pm





YOU CAN LOOK for agates on the beach, keeping a watchful eye for sneaker waves— or, you can go to the Yachats Agate Festival, inside the warm and cozy Yachats Commons. This festival of agates, rocks, crystals, fossils, and minerals takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on January 19–20. Expect the tried and true mainstays of the festival, including the Rock Doc answering questions about rocks, the kid-friendly Agate Sandbox, vendors selling all sorts of rock and mineral items, and rock/gem demonstrations. For an upto-date schedule, check the festival website.


Agates2 by Emily Kolkemo

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