Florence Playhouse: The Red Velvet Cake War

Sep06 - 152019


We’re heading down to Sweetgum,Texas where the Verdeen cousins, Gaynelle (Laura Miller), Peaches (Victoria Seitzinger) and Jimmie Wyvette (Judy Kaplan) are set to hold the Verdeen family reunion, much to the chagrin of their stern Aunt LaMerle (Linda Sherwood). The girls taking charge of the reunion has created a competition to see who can bake the best red velvet cake. All of this happens while Gaynelle is undergoing a mental evaluation after reacting unfavorably to her husband‘s girlfriend. Be prepared to laugh till your sides hurt as these, plus a few more, wacky characters take stage. The rest of the cast includes Gary Miller, Portia Neff, Angie Terrell, Barry Sommer, Kristi Whittington, Grant Harmond & Sheri Susee. The show is directed by Beth Johnston. Tickets are $20, available at the door, by calling 541-999-9392 or at the box office. Box office hours will be from 4 to 6 pm Thursday through Sunday at the Playhouse.

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