Seapunk: Powered by Imagination


Seapunk: Powered by Imagination will be the theme of the Aquarium’s newest exhibit that is meant to boost interest in science, technology, exploration and invention. The exhibit opens Memorial Day weekend and replaces two temporary exhibits, Big Bites and Secrets of Shipwrecks.

Seapunk: Powered by Imagination is modeled after a subgenre of science fiction, art, technology, and fashion inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Visitors will be introduced to an underwater fantasy live-animal exhibition that transforms the spectacle of the average aquarium gallery using interactives that push, pump, blow, navigate, and twist the imagination. Victorian-era and futuristic technologies will merge with marine exploration. Unique marine species on display were selected for their unusual, over-engineered appearance, as well as their presence in the Pacific Ocean. 541-867-3474

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